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Not Good for RTF

You guys need to let me have an option to keep formating on text. It removes all bold, hyperlinks, etc. I like having the option to remove formatting manually. With this I have no choice but to go back and reformat the text I copy and paste. Otherwise, it’s a great app, but this is a major flaw.

Delete copied words ?

how i delete something copied ? there is no sich option anywhere in the app

Half Way There

It's half way there…. -The ads need to leave -You can't delete copied text from the list

Simple and unobtrusive

However it does have issues with RTF... I think a great option would be to be able to disable and reenable it when using rich formatting (or disabling it for some applications)

Simple but useful app

Simple but useful app, thx.

Mangles RTF Pasteboard Contents

While the app works well for simple text, it does NOT work well with RTF or other formatted data. Not only that, it will overwrite the current pasteboard contents with a simplified, format-free version of what was previously there. So even if you're not actively using the utility, it will mess with your pasteboard data. I tried to email you guys to let you know (instead of writing a poor review) but I couldn't find any contact information on your support page aside from Twitter/Facebook.

It's the essence of productivity.

What a great App. Ive been wanting something like this for awhile. Ive bought note taking, clipboard Apps, and everything in between. I use it to copy Terminal commands I find, registration numbers for software I buy online and so on, and so on. It sits in the menu bar behaving until you need something you've coppied or cut. I dont hand out 5 stars often or without discretion. Im sure it will get better with time, as far as integrating new features. Dont sleep on it. Get busy living and not searching your computer.

Good Job Guys

Nice job, I wish Windows had this in an easy to use version. Gave it 4 stars because it has Ad's. I get why, but still.

You need this!

It's like life insurance except this policy is free! You'll never know when you'll need text you copied a second ago or a few days ago. Good to have. Love it...but two minor complaints: 1. Would like to clear some of "saves" before the list gets way too deep (especially when you copy full web sites). 2. For a "lightweight" app, the icon sure ain't. The icon in the menu bar looks like a giant frog's head.

very simple and straighforward - quite usefull for developers and writers

I have exposed to the developer web site some suggestions, which I believe they already had in mind for applying to their next minor release. Overall this app does what it claims and is very well integrated. My suggestions to the developer were: - need to have a "delete all" button to clear all clipboards that are stored - add a shortcut key that bypasses the clipboard copy operation so that it copies without storing on the app's buffer ( to avoid copying sensitive data such as passwords ) Despite the above missing features, which I believe the developer will implement sometime soon, I give this a 5 star.


I am constantly copying audio/pro tools file names for new files and have struggled for years bouncing up and back to copy-paste-copy-paste. This app is brilliant! Big time saver for me. Just one of those "Duh" why didn't anyone think of this before apps.

So useful!

Just found this app. So very useful! Check it out.....

Great for coding

I've had this app installed nary an hour and I've already found myself looking towards it multiple times. If you are a programmer, or work with lots of snippets of copyable info, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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